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  • A summary of Islam
    This article by András Szalai reviews the origins, major doctrines, and "pillars" of Islam: the regular practices of faithful Muslims. It shows areas of compatibility with Chrisitan faith, and also areas of conflict. It offers wise advice on meeting Muslims from international locations, and gives tips on customs for communication, eating, dressing, and bahavior for the Christian who wants to communicate effectively and wisely. Written by Dr. Szalai for the Centers for Apologetics Research.
  • The Origin of the Crusades
    Why did the Crusades begin? What were they after? What started it all? Tells why they started, why they seemed important and even "logical" at the time, and what they accomplished. Both Christians and Muslims will learn from this research. Originally published in Cornerstone in 2002.
  • Confronting the Challenge of Islam in the 21st Century
    This article by world-renowned linguist and scholar Gleason L. Archer, Ph.D., was originally presented at the Rockford Conference on Discernment and Evangelism in 1989. A detailed description of the major problems of Islam, by a scholar fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and several Semitic languages of the Ancient Near East. I was a personal friend of Dr. Archer; he knew many details of my life and and freely gave his time when I had technical questions about the Bible.
  • Divisions and sects of Islam
    I have great respect for Dr. Corduan, one of the great historians of religion of our time. This article is definitely "old school" web design, but in terms of readable content, you will not find anything better in clearly describing the different type of Muslim branches, divisions, and sects. This article does presume that the reader already is informed about religion, but in case you are not, you can double-click on literally any word, and a pop-up dictionary will appear.
  • Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, part I
    The origins and early history of the Nation of Islam (also called the "Black Muslims"), and the arrival and rise of Minister Louis Farrakhan into the movement. Originally published in Cornerstone magazine in 1999.
  • Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, part II
    The doctrines and teachings of Elijah Muhammad, taken from his own writings and messages, and why the Nation of Islam appeals to Black men today. These teachings were first accepted, then promoted, and then rejected by Malcolm X. Part 2 of 2 parts.

  • Your feedback
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