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The articles in this section explore certain religions or ideas associated with occultism, evaluating them from the viewpoint of a Christian who believes the Bible is divinely inspired.

  • What is Channeling?
    A description and historical overview of "channeling", where a person's identity is temporarily displaced and taken over by one (or more) invisible spirit beings. Explains the differences between spiritualism, necromancy, channeling, and spiritual experiences such as prophecy and revelation. A revision of an article by Eric Pement, originally published in Cornerstone in 1988.
  • An overview of the Urantia Book
    Brief summary by Eric Pement of the contents, teachings, and origins of the Urantia Book. Reprint of an article previously published in Cornerstone magazine.
  • Origins of the Urantia Book
    An extended book review of Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery by Martin Gardner (Prometheus Books, 1995; ISBN 978-0-87975-995-1). An article by Eric Pement, originally published in Christian Research Journal (1996)
  • Testimony of a former Urantia Book reader
    André Traversa for many years was "reader" and advocate of the Urantia Book as a supernatural revelation from God. He converted to Christianity, then he turned back to the Urantia Book, and tried to reconcile the Urantia Book with his Christian faith. Ultimately, he realized that the Urantia Book rested on false ideas. He knows the Urantia movement inside and out, and his testimony reveals the power of the UB's enticing ideas.
  • Your feedback
    Want to pass on your gut reactions or your thoughtful responses to what you've just read? Email me and I will listen. No flames, no advertising, though.

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