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Changes since last edition

This page lists all the changes, corrections, and so forth, in reverse chronological order.

2019 Aug 23

  • Massive revision of our home page, including:
  • New tech categories: (Take Command, Text Editors, TDE, Fonts, Web Dev)
  • New religion categories: Navigation on the left
  • Revised home page photo, description, Eric's testimony.
  • Removed obsolete Hebrew and Greek font files and description
  • Stale links removed, new links added
  • sed page brought partially up-to-date, but still under construction

2005 Dec 6

  • Redid the home page, including a new photo of my family. A bit more current, this one, and some updates on the schools my kids attend.
  • Added yet another article, "Seven Reasons for Swearing," which I probably wrote in 1998. As soon as I figure out the real date, I'll update the copyright.

2004 Jan 23

  • Massive revision of my Greek fonts page, prompted by the accidental posting of a commercial font. It was about time, since that page was long overdue for an overhaul anyway. Next step ... Hebrew!!

2003 Dec 03

  • New file: Gay Debate in the Church — an article I wrote in 1983 for Cornerstone magazine, which is especially timely in December 2003.

2003 Nov 25

  • Fixed an important typo in an awk script on using the system command to pass part of a file to an external utility for modification, while leaving the rest of the file intact.
  • Autocorrect template for Multi-Edit ver. 9.x, to enable Multi-Edit to automatically correct typing mistakes, just like Microsoft Word. Fixes over 64 common typos and errors.

2003 Nov 18

  • Expanded info on the Book of Mormon and the ministry of Bob Passantino.
  • A developmental page to show off some very minor web trickery, and to keep some files that I would like to share with others.

2003 May 1

2003 July 22

2003 Mar 12

  • Updated the Bible Link Perl script
  • Updated the longest.awk script to display the longest line in a file

2003 Feb 21

2002 Dec 31

  • Updated the home page, current family photo and other comments.
  • Now have a page of older articles, essays, and reviews ("Writings")
  • Updated awk 1-liners with another script, comment about percent sign under DOS
  • Added a new "titlecase.awk" script
  • Added the Awk FAQ (how could I forget?!)
  • Added a link to www.campustec.com on the North Park page

2002 Nov 4

  • This page itself is new - the first appearance!
  • JPUSA page - added a link to Kim White
  • JPUSA page - added a link to Kevin Frank
  • Greek Fonts page - fixed a link to Symbol MW
  • home and Perl page - posted the latest version of BibleLink (v1.25)

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